18903 Velcro Loop & Hook Bra 50% off!!!!


This velcro, loop and hook bra makes dressing easy for this with mobility issues!
  • Adjustable front opening patent pending bra / Registered design closure
  • 2 fingers needed only to open and close this bra
  • 1 loop at the bottom of each cup for easy opening or closing the bra
  • Closes with 1 large hook and 1 of the 3 eyes adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Wide bottom elastic for better support
  • Shirring at the back of cup for better cleavage
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • 90% Cotton – 10% Spandex
  • Made in Canada

With the use of one finger (only if necessary)

Close: Put a clothespin 3 inches from the center of the waist of skirt / pants, then use one finger to insert loop (located under the left cup) on the top of the clothespin, then using the same finger, use the loop of the right cup to pull the bra over choosing one of the 3 eyes to close, tap gently on the Velcro.

Open: Put a clothespin under the loop located under the right breast, then pull on the loop under the left breast

The easiest bra for caregiver ‘use – just use the loops to close or open the bra.