CATH-SECURE® the original multi-purpose, single tab tube holder, provides an efficient, standardized system for securing catheters and medical tubing. The device is easy to adjust and may remain in place for approximately one week without altering skin integrity. CATH-SECURE® adhesive is alcohol soluble for easy removal of any residue left on the skin.

CATH-SECURE DUAL TAB® features press-on hook-and-loop fastening system designed to eliminate constant re-taping. While maintaining the ability for multiple accesses to tubing or catheters without restricting flow which saves Nursing time and Patient comfort. Multiple tubes can be held in place depending on size of tubing. CATH-SECURE® is DEHP Free, Latex Free and Hypoallergenic providing safety for patients and staff.

* Introducing the New LITE & BREATHABLE CATH-SECURE ™ & CATH-SECURE PLUS™ made from Breathable, Longer Lasting, Lightweight Butterfly Shaped Material. Please note Cath-SecurePlus is Water-Resistant.


All Cath-Secure products are packaged 50/box.